Our colleague and friend Angela Trimbur (THE GOOD PLACE, WORKAHOLICS, THE FINAL GIRLS) has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

From Angela’s Instagram:

“i have breast cancer. I am still in such shock and extremely nervous for the journey. I will need to have my breast/s removed soon and eventual implants to replace. Possible post chemotherapy tbd hopefully not. I want to share this life event to feel less alone and find strength in the love & support of others who care.”

It’s never easy to go through this process, but Angela has a wonderful community supporting her through this process. Her friends and family have set up a GoFundMe to cover medical expenses.

A Cause For Entertainment has contributed to Angela’s GoFundMe. We hope you will too.

Please take a moment and give what you can to help Angela. Any amount helps.

Step Up For Angela Go Fund Me HERE

Angela’s Instagram HERE

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