Gabe Gault Original Artwork

A Cause for Entertainment is excited to continue our tradition of featuring local artists on the rise. This year's artist is the incredibly talented and generous Gabe Gault. The highest bidder will take home his latest original work (pictured, 30″ x 40″)

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Gabe Gault was born and raised in Southern California. He spent his formative years in Venice Beach, where culture and residents made a lasting impression. A lifelong artist, Gabe studied the arts in and out of the classroom. In 2011, he began an apprenticeship with artist Rob Prior, and discovered his passion for learning through doing. Currently, Gabe is focusing on creating charitable murals with non-profits, working with local galleries and showing his artwork to the masses. Gabe currently lives in the San Fernando Valley. Read more about Gabe and view his other work on his website.

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