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Get to Know Us: Cecilia Tripp

Name: Cecilia Tripp, Title with ACFE: Social Media Manager, Occupation: Executive Assistant at Charlie Baby Productions, Content Executive and Social Media Manager for Bottle and Heels, Communications Coordinator for Cancer Companions

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Get to Know Us: Alex Spear

Name: Alex Spear Title with ACFE: Member of the Board of Directors/Token Male Hometown: Redondo Beach Why did you join ACFE? I wanted to find a way to get involved, and when Jessica gave me the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with an emerging charitable...

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Get To Know Us: Jessica Sherman

Name: Jessica Sherman Title: Founder/President of ACFE Occupation: Casting Director Birthday: October 25 Why did you join ACFE? For me, it wasn't why I joined, but why I was inspired to start it. I often talk about how my grandmother's diagnosis was the catalyst for...

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What is A Cause For Entertainment?

A Cause for Entertainment is a nonprofit organization that connects the entertainment industry with breast cancer research and awareness. Our mission is to support and empower individuals and communities affected by breast cancer. A Cause for Entertainment’s goal is...

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Welcome to the Blog!

Hello there and welcome to the blog for A Cause for Entertainment! We have a lot of great content planned. Stay tuned for more information about who we are as an organization, what you can do to get involved, and information on breast cancer itself. Keep up to date...

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