Official 2019 A Cause For Entertainment Merch Now Available!

Featuring original art by local LA Artist Leah Gonzales.

These pieces are meant to inspire, empower, and brighten lives, all while supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Leah Gonzalez is a local LA artist- so local she grew up in her mother’s childhood home in Burbank. An abstract artist, Leah finds freedom in letting go of the rigidity of reality. Leah’s style blends classic painting techniques with the modern era. Inspired by Monet and Kandinsky and working mostly with oil paints, Leah’s bold and imaginative color palettes typically dictate the direction of each piece.

“I’m so happy to be associated with ACFE… my grandma Sally had breast cancer. She was probably the gentlest woman I ever knew. She always used to give me and my cousins butterfly kisses.” – Leah

Special thanks to Advisory Board Member Jaye Rosenberg for design layout.

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